Hello, I’m Russell Bongard and I’m a man of letters. I’m a 17-year veteran of the creative field, specializing in advertising, ideas, concepts, strategy, dialogue and experiences. I’ve worked in all forms of media throughout my career, with the heaviest emphasis within digital. My background is in copy and no matter what titles I’ve held in the past; the fact is that I just want to write.

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    RT @therealelp: now more than ever the world needs a new Geto Boys album. they want to make it. we can help make it...

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    COOKING FOR MY SQUAD! 👍🎉🐥 pan fried chicken with onion, celery salt, black pepper and garlic…...

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    A Thai salad with secret ingredients. #thai #noodles #nuts #shrimp #chicken SALUTE! 🍲 @ My Thai… https://t.co/rBZd6u1tP9

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  • San Francisco CA
  • 415 748 2869 (Mobile)
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